Annual Boudoir Marathon is here! 

Wednesday February 5th & Wednesday Feb 12th


Call this number:


By Appointment Only!

Call (602) 923-1717 for your spot.



Who is it for:

Anyone over 18 years age who wants to give a tasteful gift

to their significant other and themselves.


The Price:

ONLY $49+tax! (Reg. $349)

Paid in advance to secure spot, no refunds or no rescheduling available.



What is included - A $349 Value for $49 :


Professional Makeup for first 5 signups! ($99 Value)

Sitting fees for up to one hour photoshoot ( $149 Value)

One favorite photo retouched and printed on (1) 8x10, (1) 5x7

and (4) wallet size prints ($99 Value)


Can you add more photos if you like them:


Yes! In fact Most clients do and we will be offering

%50 OFF Everything!



When do you receive your photos:

Before Valentines Day, some clients might get it within the same day/week depending on how much retouching a photo may require 


Early Signup Special:


Did we mention? First 5 clients will receive

FREE Professional Make-up!


Call this number:


Call (602) 923-1717 for your spot.




Wednesday February 5th & Wednesday Feb 12th




At Hollywood Photo Studios inside Paradise Valley Mall on Cactus and Tatum.

Between Macy's and Sears, closer to Macy's


What to wear or bring:


This is less is more type of session. Just a good fitting (not small or not big) bra and un-die set, high heels, maybe jewelry of your liking, and some kind of a prop of the person you’d like to give as a gift.  ( like husbands’ shirt etc  or wedding rings or something your significant other gave to you)


How about plus size women or very slender women:


Since we offer over 400 sessions a year and we are very accustomed to posing many body shapes and sizes. Please give us the opportunity to reflect your strengths with our photography. 





If we do the appt the 5th will the pics be ready before vday?

Yes they will be ready by Valentine’s Day!


Would you print them out and get a electronic copy as well?

The special includes makeup, session time and favorite photo edited and printed. We have packages available online, FOR TWO DAYS ONLY they are all 50% off and can be viewed online.


So you would so makeup but no hair? we bring the attire?

The special doesn’t say hair, so hair is not included and honestly we don’t even have time for hair on busy marathons like these.
Yes you should bring attires! Remember this is a session that says “less is more!”. We have emergency wardrobe. In lingerie, let’s say if the bra is big or small for your breasts; it will look awkward in the photos.
Bring an outfit that fits you perfectly.



Do you design the poses ? do you have accessories?

Of course we walk you through poses intensely. But we are open to ideas and we encourage you to check out our French Boudoir Gallery for inspiration.

We have many accessories. But you should bring accessories that makes you you! If this is a Vday gift for someone then bring things like; wedding rings, his/her favorite shirt or jersey. Let’s tie this photo to your significant other.


Important Information:


Because the marathon price is so low, you will not need to purchase

the GROUPON offer.